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Come and play!

Voice + Songwriting Lessons

With my background in classical vocal training, musical theater technique and studio and touring experience with pop, rock, punk and R&B, I offer a unique approach to teaching both voice and songwriting. I use a mix of technical and experiential training to offer a lived in perspective of the voice in motion--through the rigor of tour, the discipline of theory and the art of creative play in the recording studio, I feel second nature in many rooms. With an emphasis on vocal health tailored to YOUR specific lifestyle + circumstantial needs, I find I have a sixth sense for understanding each person's voice and unearthing what you never know it needed to make it thrive. I am truly a vocal nerd and have been obsessed with studying the voice ever since my mom introduced me to Whitney Houston as a kid. I love to share my knowledge and partake in learning more as I go, and strive towards maintaining a constant curiosity. With a BFA in Acting from BU I also know my way around the physical body in conjunction with performance, stage fright, stamina and improvisation. I mix the conceptual with the physical in my lessons as we find all the places our voice exists within our body and spirit. Come try a 30 minute lesson and see what all the fun is about :)

xoxo SBBG <3


Currently accepting new students!

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Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

Find Your Voice

As someone who grew into their voice very gradually through high school and college (and was quite shy as a kid)--I know firsthand how long and nerve wracking it can feel to find your true voice inside. After years of practice, persistance and trial and error, I have both a fabulous healthy voice and am generally very loud! I am very comfortable working with people of all levels and welcome "beginners" (no human is a true beginner as singing is inherent to each of us) to come and splash around with me and find the joy in their own special vocal tone, texture and style.

Pink Sugar

So what exactly IS a voice lesson?

Brass tacks: We will always start with a solid warm up, going up and down the piano with tweaks and observations of our progress. We will work on material either chosen by you or assigned by me, including any original work you wish to workshop. We will work together to create your own specific goals and a gameplan to achieve them, while also allowing room for the unexpected and ephemeral that comes with the magic of music. We will work on tone, pitch, rhythm, sight reading, phrasing, diction, breath work, confidence, stamina, the art of repetition, visualization and experimentation just to list a few!

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